S*Jamarhöjdens Figaro (Nalle) Born 2002-11-02 British Shorthair, Lilac.  British Shorthair is a wonderful pet cat.


British shorthair has a massive body with wide chest portion, short sturdy legs with rounded paws, thick tail with rounded tail tip. The head is wide and round with small ears that sit wide apart and point to the sides, round cheeks, well-developed chin, open round eyes, short and straight wide nose. The coat is short and thick. A male can weigh between 6-8 kg. The female between 4-5 kg. British shorthair fits well as an indoor cat. British Shorthair is a quiet and loyal friend.

Hello everybody! My name is Figaro, but I love the name Nalle. New pictures of me are coming up! Click at the picture = larger picture

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