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I have been on two business trips to Karachi in Pakistan. The first time was late summer 1987, that stay lasted approximately 1 month. The other time was winter 1989. I wanted to take as many pictures as possible from that time but didn't have enough time, the working hours where was too long. Many years has passed since then and now I have digitized the photos. Unfortunately the picture quality is not so good because the colours of the slides had aged and my scanner is not the best for slides.
From Wikipedia: Karachi
Karachi is capital of province Sindh as well as the largest and most
populous metropolitan city of Pakistan and the 2nd-largest city in the world
by population. It is also the main seaport and financial centre of the country
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The cars (buses and trucks) in Pakistan are like rolling artworks. A lot of time has been offered on decorating the cars.
Even tank trucks are covered of paintings and shiny decoration reflecting the sun.
Gas station called PSO (Pakistan State Oil). Traffic police use the forklift to move
illegally parked cars.
Pakistan has lefthand traffic. Signal horns is important to use. People travelling on trucks is very common.
Motorcycle accident on the street. A litle monkey performing on the beach.
There were lots of activity on the beach, For instans snake charmers and camelriding.
I ride towards the sunset. Various vues from the city.
Various vues from the city. Hotel Sheraton.
Hotell Perl-Continental By Night where we stayed almost the whole trip.
Hotel Perl-Continental. Hotel Perl-Continental. Horse wagons were common outside the hotels.
Hotel Taj Mahal. Where we also stayed some days. Muhammed Ali Jinnahs picture is seen everyplace.
Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam. The final resting place of Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.
We who joined the trip year 1987. We who joined the trip year 1989. Typical dresses in Pakistan.
Old house from the english epoque. Camels are a versatile transport means here. A man and his camel.
A woman carrying a waterpot on her head. There where cows everywhere.
Bazaar. Fruit bazaar,looks primitiv but the fruit where
really tasty and cheap.
Utsikt vid vägen. On the way to the beach
On the way to the beach
Salt extraction. The white visible is salt
obtained by seawater.
A thorny bush in bloom wich is the most common plant here. Old ruins.
Very old ruins after excavation.
Very old ruins after excavation.
Very old ruins after excavation.
Old ruins. Some of our pakistanian workmates.  Goodbye-cake from pakistani colleagues.
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